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Healthcare is a strongly regulated industry. Managing all the steps required to deal with these regulations is difficult.

It is often assumed that all parties involved in the provision of care, from the carers and the systems they use - to the managers, are aware of and understand all the regulations. This is not often the case, especially with the newest regulations or ones with some complex nuances.

The complexity is compounded by the fact that regulations can be set at national, regional, district, or even local and organizational level.

Failure to deal with this complexity can unnecessarily expose organizations to problems in future with strong financial consequences.

Eudoracare Quality Systems

The Framework

PDCA - The 4 Steps To Quality

Quality is Central to Good Care

In order to implement a Quality Management System that is compliant with known standards such as ISO 9001, it is essential to follow the 4 steps - Plan, Do, Check, Act.

These four steps should ensure a gradual improvement in your care provision, as well as how your organization operates overall. In a sector that has a huge impact on people’s lives, and where mistakes can have serious consequences, the need for a robust Quality Management System is of the highest importance.


A Step (or two) beyond paper

Eudoracare Can Help You Achieve
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Eudocarare Repository

Connected, Empowered

Eudoracare implements a Knowledge Management System, that acts as a repository for all the policies, procedures, forms and other related content in one, instantly accessible, centralised location.

Any updates or changes made to an element of this repository will instantly alert all relevant parties, through a notification on their dashboard.



Main Features Easy to use and effective

  • Centralised Knowledge Repository

    Store all your QMS content in one centralised location, that can be accessed instantly, anywhere, and anytime.

  • Content Acknowledgement System

    Ensure full compliance by ensuring all relevant parties have acknowledged new updates or modifications to your content.

  • Questionnaire Management Module

    Ensure all relevant parties have a sound understanding of your Quality Content. Allow them to test their knowledge and reinforce their understanding.

  • Auto-Generated Action Plans

    Help users to close the gaps in their knowledge, so that they are aligned with the organization’s Quality goals, and keep the organization compliant.

  • Smart Reports

    See who hasn’t acknowledged new updates/modifications, or who consistently underperforms with intuitive graphical reports, that can help identify trends, strengths and weaknesses.

  • APIs To Export Data For Analysis

    Export the data you collect so that it can be integrated into new datasets and used for deeper analysis.

Use cases We want to improve the way you work

ISO Standard

Maintaining Quality Systems

Quality Systems in Healthcare have a huge impact on your patients, as well as your care team, where consistency, reliability, and quality of the highest level is required.

  • Centralised repository of knowledge,
  • Instantly available online,
  • Require acknowledgements from relevant staff,
  • Instant updates as they become available,
  • Notifications to keep you informed,
  • Issue assessments to specific people/roles,
  • Generate reports to ensure you’re fully compliant.

Managing Complex Processes

Multidisciplinary Care Plan

A person-centred and comprehensive approach to care planning, requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary team, who are able to collaborate and share information efficiently and securely.

  • All patient records are available at the touch of a button & are easy to find,
  • MDT members can be alerted about key events & changes for each patient,
  • Care Plan objectives are associated with MDT roles,
  • Task planners help keep everyone organised & up to date with the other members of the MDT,
  • Automated reminders allow efficient planning of reviews.

Handling Complex Equipment

Management of Medical Equipment

The management of your medical devices and equipment involves a lot of moving parts - all essential for minimising or eliminating risk & ensuring the safety of your patients and care team:

  • The acquisition & disposal of your equipment is tracked, to help you keep on top of your inventory,
  • Automated alerts & reminders for servicing of medical equipment & other appliances,
  • The option to attach special instructions to tasks, ensures equipment is used appropriately,
  • An up to date training log is maintained for each member of your team,
  • Incidents are tracked & reported quickly & efficiently.



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