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Electronic health record Maximise the efficiency of your organisation.

It's Time To Move On From Paper

Paper documents generate inefficiencies
and put you at risk of non-compliance!

Paperwork is time consuming!

Being compliant requires meticulous organisation. As care homes become more regulated, those using paper-based systems will find it increasingly difficult to keep on top of everything.

Paper files are expensive, they take up lots of space and it is difficult to find the information you need quickly. Capturing any useful data becomes difficult and increases the probability of human error. Often the information captured is of poor quality and illegible to other members of staff; the notes tend to be uniform and not person-centred. Health records stored as paper are vulnerable to loss, theft, damage, and provide no further value once filled in beyond satisfying inspectors. Need we say more...

Work takes


longer with paper

Eudoracare Daily Diary

Speed-up your workflow: go digital!

An electronic health record system can streamline your service, and work with you to capture all the information that requires you to be compliant, and more! Spending less time filling in forms, looking for missing files, and flicking through pages and pages of (often illegible) text will allow you to focus on providing better care and spend more time with your patients!

Medical errors

Do you suspect that your current paper system might be inefficient and that it forces you to write the same things in several places? Do some notes appear to be illegible or simply unhelpful to other colleagues? Do you feel that, despite your best efforts, documents or forms will get looked over and costly mistakes will happen that leave you at risk of non-compliance and fines?

Medical errors


vs digital systems

3rd Generation Software

Abandon complex systems,
choose simplicity!

Health records on-the-go

Eudoracare is optimised for use with tablets. This allows you to create health records on-the-go. Health records can be created quickly and efficiently: bedside of a patient or interacting with the organisation from a distance (e.g. with a  telemedicine system).

Eudoracare Software Gdpr compliant




Simplicity and efficiency

Perform your tasks on an intuitive and colourful Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Each authorised member of staff is granted access to a specific relevant portion of the software. Maximize simplicity.

User friendly

By adopting EudoraCare all your essential workflows are transformed into digital processes in a highly standardised and user-friendly way. The use of colours, iconography and portable devices allow you to manage all your medical records, at the tap of a button, wherever you are.

More information in less time

Write notes easily with the speech recognition system embedded in the EHR software. You can also take photos and attach them to the health records. This allows you to capture even more information in less time.

Connected and Informed

Having your organisation aligned
and up-to-date is critical

Poor communication

Does your team suffer problems related to poor communication? Do you see inefficiencies in how information is shared around the home? Are you at risk of non-compliance due to preventable mistakes?



using paper

Eudoracare Software Team Comunication Collaboration

Increase speed sharing information

Improve communication by increasing the speed at which information is shared around the home, between staff members thanks to the simple user interface. Take effortless, person-centred notes using smart speech recognition that turns your voice to text! Make your life easier, and ensure full compliance with all the regulations in this sector.

Respect laws

Be fully compliant

Digital certification

With Eudoracare, health records can be digitally signed using the tablet’s stylus (biometric signature) or using digital certificates that ensure full legal validity of the document.



full digital

Main Features Easy to use and effective

  • Full Compliance

    Automatically generate all records needed for compliance quickly and easily. Put an end to duplication of work.

  • Optimised For Tablets

    We believe that the majority of your record-keeping should take place seamlessly as you go about your day. Carrying a tablet to access Eudoracare anywhere will allow you to take more accurate notes on-the-go so that you're free to go home at the end of your shift.

  • Sign your documents

    Give your documents full legal validity with either a biometric signature, or a digital signature based on digital certificates.

  • Speech recognition

    Take notes quickly with the aid of a powerful speech recognition plugin, that is able to recognise your voice instantly, and accurately generate text even in noisy environments.

  • Person-centred

    Take full advantage of going digital and make your notes more person-centred by supporting your notes with digital media: pictures, videos, and voice recordings. This will save time and provide a far richer report than a text-only form could ever allow.

  • Get Started in minutes

    Don't put up with complicated software that requires long, disruptive training sessions! With Eudoracare you can get started in minutes. We utilise a streamlined workflow icons, and colours to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Use cases Let us improve the way you work

Speech recognition

Quick and easy way to write notes

We provide a reliable and accurate speech recognition function that allows you to quickly, and easily dictate text notes - even in noisy environments with lots of other people talking!

  • Remove the hassle of writing, or even typing
  • Simplify note-taking for staff less comfortable with spelling
  • More person-centred, include the patient's input
  • Record notes, on-the-go as you perform your tasks
  • Works in all environments, with any language, voice or accent
  • Spend more time caring for your patients, less time writing notes

Attach photos to medical records

Capture more information, quicker!

Eudoracare allows you to attach a photo to the health records that you produce. Perhaps you want to take a picture of a GP's prescription or you want to record the progress of a bed sore? You can! And it’s as simple as using Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

  • Attach one or more photos
  • Automatically store pictures within the daily diary, together with medical records
  • Access photos simply with a click

No photo is saved on the computer or tablet. Patient data is protected on the cloud.

Digital signature

Give full validity to the digital records

Eudoracare adopt the most advanced technology for digital and biometric signature, to satisfy all the complex workflows in the healthcare sector.

  • Remote digital signature, without smart card
  • Biometric signature with Apple Pencil
  • Signature of every clinical document
  • Signature of the patient or a family member



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