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Domiciliary care Take quality care with you, wherever you need it

Digital, practical, indispensable

Home care services
are very complex to manage

Organisational complexity

Eligibility, resource planning (particularly in the face of unpredictability), logistical issues (traffic, sharing of information in a timely manner), supervision and control, consents (privacy, medical), cooperation with other colleagues, exchange of information, and the burden of paper documents for each service user.

Individual complexity

Each service user has their own set of challenges, collection of health records, service user signatures, medical information that needs to be instantly accessible, as well as official documents that evidence the quality of care given.

Eudoracare Software fo Domiciliary Care

We help keep things simple

Manage both complexities
with one platform


Create short, medium or long-term schedules automatically, easily assign carers to home visits according to:

  • The skills and qualifications of the carer
  • Travel distance
  • Availability

Allow your staff to perform all their tasks on a tablet, that they can take with them everywhere they go.

Patient oriented care

Initial assessment and predefined care plan templates ensure care plans are always up-to-date with planned reviews and alerts. Give carers the ability to easily access their clients’ latest care plan. Breeze past your annual inspections, stress free, knowing that Eudoracare has you covered when it comes to proving continuity of care.

Eudoracare Software Resident List

Main Features Easy to use and effective

  • Efficiently allocated resources

    Save time with assisted scheduling, quickly allocate the most suitable staff to clients efficiently. Keep on top of your staff with a visual representation of their schedule.

  • Care plans and medical records

    Continuity of care through the update of care plans and coherent records, all collected in one place, and instantly available.

  • Supervision and control

    Supervise staff activities, track mileage driven with Google Maps integration, and accurately record the start and end time of each client visit.

  • Family portal

    Allow family members to follow up on the great care you provide, including information such as visiting times, carer’s name and what they did during the visit. Build trust and provide peace of mind.

  • Mobile app for carers

    All information required for carers’ work can be accessed anywhere, no unnecessary trips required. View up-to-date staff rotas anytime, anywhere. Record attendance times for each visit.

  • Reporting and invoicing

    Perform invoicing and payroll processes quickly and easily. Eudoracare directly accounts for this from the carers’ activities.
    Get a graphical overview with business analysis tools.



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