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Plan drugs and tasks Plan your activities, get reminders and alerts!

We make meticulous organisation easy

Improve the planning and administration
of medication and tasks

Complex and error-prone

The planning of medication and tasks requires many steps. Have you found the process long, cumbersome and prone to errors? This is an area that is inherently complex and exposes care service providers to risk of non-compliance.

Eudoracare Administration Drugs Medicine Task

Possible medical errors

Could you improve the process of planning for tasks and medications? Could the quality of data captured be more insightful? Do you think that the health records are poorly created, exposing you to errors and non-compliance?

Do you want to capture powerful data from these central activities that involve all your staff but don't know how to do it in a simple and efficient way?

Data duplication


risk of errors

Inefficent comunication

Do you believe that the process of sharing medical information between staff members is overly complex and inefficient?
Eudoracare can streamline this process, allowing staff to share medical information instantly, securely, and easily.

Precise and powerful

Improve the process, reduce errors


You can automate the process of planning and administering medication and tasks with Eudoracare. Adopt a system that is easy to use and capable of streamlining any workflow in your hospital, nursing home, care home or domiciliary care service.  

Swap paper for tablets

Simplifying the process of administering medication and tasks dramatically reduces the risk of errors that leave you vulnerable to non-compliance reports and fines.

Eudoracare Administration Drugs and Task

Planning simplified

Quality care requires
an advanced planning system.

Plan, carry-out / prescribe, administer

We’ve created a task and medication planner that closely resemble each other. They’re designed so that it is impossible for users to concurrently plan tasks or medications for the same user, avoiding duplication and mistakes. Generally, the process is as follows:


Open the planner, select the task/medication, set a period within which you want the task/medication to be active (and a review date), set a schedule, assign to staff, add any notes you wish, and finally, close the planner again unless you wish to plan another task or medication.


Now that the planning is done, your staff will automatically receive reminders until the chosen end date. The person chosen to review the task or medication will also be alerted when it is time to do so! You now have the power to ensure that no task or medication gets missed or goes unrecorded.



For obvious reasons, shortcuts cannot be taken with medications, but the task planner does offer smart features in order to save time, such as smart templates that can be applied to multiple patient’s schedule simultaneously!

Pianification Task Analytics Eudoracare

Knowledge is power

Unlike paper forms, Eudoracare allows you to capture structured data in order to gather Business Intelligence. Create intelligent, graphical reports, easily identify trends across the home or for a specific individual, see where your organization excels and what needs improving.

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is just the first step. Create actionable plans and monitor the progress and improvement over time!

Main Features Easy to use and effective

  • Plan medications easily

    Our database of medications is automatically updated on a quarterly basis. Search by medication name or active ingredient.

  • Plan tasks for any activity

    Any task can be easily configured with advanced scheduling options, as well as easily recorded. Plan tasks individually, in groups, or both, depending on the needs of your organisation.

  • Automatic data management

    Automatically record all details relevant to a task. Remove the burden from your staff and cut out the unnecessary duplication of work, whilst remaining perfectly compliant.

  • Intuitivie and easy to use

    Recording the administration of a task or medication is as simple as tapping YES or NO.  This can be completed in seconds within a user-friendly interface that uses colours and icons to guide you through the process.

  • Capture additional data with ease

    Where additional details are required, you can use predefined answers, write notes with the powerful speech recognition module, and take advantage of other fun and intuitive features such as sliders and interactive images to quickly capture all the data you need.

  • Automatic prompts for outstanding activities

    Let Eudoracare monitor the daily schedule for you. Each member of the team will receive smart alerts relevant to their role, which serve as reminders to help them focus on their tasks. Easily observe what has been completed, what hasn't and prevent tasks from being forgotten.

Use cases We want to improve the way you work

Medication administration records

The most professional tools on the market

Make use of an advanced and professional system, that is accessible and intuitive for doctors and medical staff to prescribe and administer medications.

  • Regularly updated database of medications and active ingredients
  • Make use of any possible combination of planning
  • Remove duplication of work, save time and reduce medical errors
  • Record administrative information like costs
  • Record organisational information like dates, timelines and schedules
  • Automatic generation of the list of activities on an hourly basis

Reduce medical errors

Simple to use and full automation

Did you know that 12% of all primary care patients may be affected by a prescription or monitoring error over the course of a year. This increases to 38% in those aged 75 years and older and 30% in patients receiving five or more drugs during a 12 month period.

Here are some of the most important risk factors:

  • Overworked or fatigued healthcare professionals
  • Poor communication between team members
  • Complexity of clinical case
  • Lack of a standardised process for prescription and administration
  • Incorrect recording of medication

Remove the duplication of work

Automation can save your staff a lot of time

Duplication of work is inefficient and increases the probability of human errors. This can be mitigated by letting Eudoracare do all the hard work for you.

  • Automatic generation of the administration records of medication and tasks, one for each planned cycle
  • Automatic prompting of the outstanding administration to relevant staff members
  • Automatic recording of who does what, when, where and why.
  • Complete log of the activities and full compliance with the many regulations in the healthcare sector



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