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Are you compliant with the GDPR
that is effective from 25th May 2018?

25th May 2018

On this date the EU General Data Protection Regulation became effective all over Europe. This  impacts many industries, with the healthcare sector being particularly affected. This means that anything classified as an Electronic Health Record must comply with the strict regulations now imposed.

Eudoracare Software Gdpr compliant

Are you ready for the GDPR?

Are you properly managing patient consents? Is your data properly encrypted? Are you able to prevent unauthorised access to your data and produce the security logs for auditing?

GDPR is a landmark regulation for the future of the healthcare sector. Every level of the organisation will have responsibilities to ensure compliance. Fines are up to 4% of a company's global revenue for non-compliance.

EudoraCare takes care of all of this.

fines of up to


company's revenue

Be Prepared

Eudoracare is designed
with data protection in mind

Secure architecture

Eudoracare is a system that meets all the new requirements of the GDPR and is designed in a way that makes it easy for you to remain compliant as your organization grows.  

The architecture that we have implemented is secure, multilayered and takes into account all the relevant security and availability requirements of the EU law.

Granular configuration

Eudoracare can handle all of your data protection, privacy and security. The granularity of the architecture facilitates bespoke configurations, for example:

  • Logs and audit
  • Granular authorisation
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Encryption of stored and transmitted data
  • Use of certified data centers
  • Antivirus and security updates
  • High availability of systems, multilayer backup of data

Protection and security

You can restrict the access to your system, allowing only authorised staff to log in using two-factor authentication, IP filtering and device management. Eudoracare offers you a flexible and granular portal that gives you complete control over who can do what.

Encryption and continuous activity

The encryption of stored and transmitted data is secured with the use of the most modern encryption technologiesEudoracare can be used both online, as a cloud-based solution, or on premises, using your own servers and IT infrastructure.

For cloud-based solutions, your data is stored in data centers with the highest security standards. Redundancy of data and of servers allows for 24/7 continuous activity. Online anti-virus protection and scheduled maintenance keeps Eudoracare protected against threats.

Eudoracare Encryption and continuos activity



business continuity

Main Features Adopt a secure system

  • Two-factor authentication

    You can protect the access to your data with a password and an OTP code with the ability to unlock authorized devices.

  • Granular authorisation

    Decide who can do what. Set permissions hierarchically, by roles, or even at an individual level.

  • Integrate with microsoft active directory

    Make life easy! Manage all your users in one place. All users only need to remember one password (single sign-in). 

  • Multi-layered encryption

    Adopt a system that encrypts both stored and transmitted data with the most modern and proven technologies.

  • Data and server redundancy

    Our cloud-based solutions are backed up every 15 minutes. Our servers are hosted in redundant environments that keep the system running, no mater what.

  • 24/7 availability

    Our systems are available 365 days per year. We provide multiple levels of support depending on the needs of our customers.

Use cases We want to improve the way you work

Modern, proven security methods

Healthcare data is the most sought-after data

Healthcare data is more valuable to hackers than financial data. Modern healthcare systems are vulnerable to attacks and data breaches. We implement a complete set of features to secure data whilst keeping things simple for regular, authorised users.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • One-time password via mobile
  • Device identification, locking and unlocking
  • IP filtering
  • Multiple access profiles
  • Fully configurable by system administrators
  • Audit system to understand who did what, when and where

Consent management

Bring consent management to the next level

GDPR places a high emphasis on providing relevant data to patients, to record and store their consents and to treat data in accordance with the strict regulations. It’s an inherently complex task that Eudoracare takes care of through the following features:

  • Consent templates that are highly configurable
  • Version management
  • Automatic generation of consent forms
  • Access to patient information via PC, iPad or Android devices
  • Biometric signature with iPad or Android devices
  • Management of advanced workflows (signatures by parents, guardian, etc)

Manage authorisation

Gain complete control over what permissions users are given

With Eudoracare you can set the permissions for all the features within the software so that you have complete control over what users can and cannot do.

  • Apply security policies across groups or individuals
  • Hierarchical permissions
  • Set permissions so that only users actually involved in the care of the patient have access to their health data, in accordance with GDPR regulations
  • Complete log of everything that is relevant for periodic auditing
  • Capability to see all the authorized policies that apply, directly or indirectly, to any user



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