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Struggling with paper forms
that don't provide much value?

Low flexibility

Other software solutions typically impose themselves on an organisation, adopting a take it or leave it approach. This method forces the organisation to adapt to the software and make compromises. The assessments you are offered may differ greatly from the ones you typically use.

This is typical of generation 2 software.

Eudoracare Form Assesmentss



of your data

Rigid structures

The assessments used by one organisation will differ from another, and this difference may also be seen amongst different homes within the same organisation. This makes it impossible for generation 2 software to succeed. It also makes it difficult to standardize data.

Slow development of new forms

Request for new assessments, or modifications may take a long time and prove to be expensive. Often, you aren’t happy with the results and the forms could be more user-friendly. It colud also provide more value above satisfying the recording requirements of your regulatory authority.

Eudoracare_Software for Nursing Home

Eudoracare is a generation 3 software

It adapts to the organisation and accommodates their preferred processes and workflows. Eudoracare is uniquely capable of truly improving how things are done, rather than creating difficulties and forcing you to compromise. All the data captured can be distilled and used system-wide to prepopulate fields (where possible), avoiding duplication, saving you time, and reducing chances of errors.

We’ve also developed a unique form builder that dramatically reduces production time for forms and assessments. This means that should you require a new form, we can provide it to you at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, and much faster too!

Smart Forms

Take advantage of
forms that help you!

Take your forms and assessments with you,
wherever you need them

Eudoracare can save you the hassle of carrying lots of paper forms around with you all day. Using a tablet, you can access every form and assessment you need, allowing you to actually fill in the forms as you carry out your assessment. This saves you time, and helps you capture all the information seamlessly, without having to recall all the details at a later date or time.

Eudoracare Tablet Portrait Form Editing

Effortless organization

As soon as you decide to save your work, everything is immediately saved securely online. Every assessment or form  can be easily found within the patient's profile as a printable PDF. It can be accessed instantly by anyone else who has authorization. The author of the document is automatically saved, as well as the date and time: there is no need to fill this out repeatedly on every page of every document.



of data-loss

Record all the information easily and quickly, no writing required!

We redesign your workflows in a way that allows you to complete your forms and assessments by simply tapping and swiping; with the option to easily leave detailed notes using advanced speech-to-text software.

Discover how much value you're losing out on by using paper forms

Eudoracare offers a suite of smart forms and assessments that provide immediate feedback based on user-input. Identify errors immediately, correct spelling on the go, automatically calculate assessment scores and other indices as you progress!

Main Features Easy to use and effective

  • Unlimited number of forms

    We’ll provide you with a standard set of forms specially tailored to your care sector. However, we can build as many forms as you need, and provide them to you in a well-organised, searchable library. This can be done quickly, and at low cost, thanks to our unique form-builder.

  • Unique UI to capture data quickly and easily

    Eudoracare makes the most of colours, icons, and tablet-friendly features such as sliders and gestures in order to make it possible for all your staff to capture important, standardized data, that can be processed by our data analytics tools, quickly and easily, and with minimal training. Our smart forms are more engaging, making the process of filling forms less tedious and more rewarding! 

  • Re-use data across the system

    Data from various forms and assessments can be used system-wide. This prevents duplication, minimises errors, and saves time.

  • Form validation, autocomplete, auto calculate

    Get instant warnings when you have made a mistake on a form or missed something out. Save time with fields that can be prepopulated, based on previous data entry as well as automatic calculations that combine several inputs from anywhere in the system to save you time and minimise chance of errors.

  • PDF output with customisable headers and footers

    Once you have completed your work, it gets saved in PDF format and stored securely on the cloud. The layout is clear so you can get the information you need "at a glance" and the headers and footers can be customised to display your logo and other relevant information. You can print your documents whenever you want, and scan them back in, with any additions, in the correct place with QR code technology.

  • Generate reports, gather Business Intelligence, monitor trends

    Get more value out of the work you put in. Eudoracare can build reports and use Business Intelligence to enable you to provide a level of care that is simply impossible using a paper-based system.

Use cases We want to improve the way you work

Form validation

Improve the quality of your health records

Produce immaculate forms consistently! Eudoracare's smart forms ensure that standardised, legible, and useful information is captured, so that you can create benchmarks for your level of care. A PDF is then created that can be printed if required, managers and visiting inspectors will easily be able to find and read through all the forms that you create.

  • Create standardised, beautiful PDF forms
  • Save forms in "Draft Mode" to revisit them
  • Avoid mistakes typically made on paper forms
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Catch missing/erroneous information
  • Real-time feedback on user input

Tap, swipe, speak

Speed up your worklfow, get more value from your work

Allow your staff to fill in forms quicker, whilst at the same time facilitating the collection of more useful, standardised data. Your workflows are transformed seamlessly into a digital process that is quicker, easier, more powerful, and extracts more value from the work that you put in.

  • More patient interaction, less time filling forms
  • Capture better data that can be fed into business intelligence
  • Standardise recorded information
  • Tablet gestures enable you to work on-the-go
  • Attach photos and documents to your forms and assessments
  • Have all your forms available with you everywhere you go

Organised, secure, accessible

Find all your previous assessments and outcomes instantly

One of the major benefits of electronic records is that they can be saved in an organised, secure, and accessible way that prevents them from being lost, tampered with, faked, damaged etc. When the time comes to go over old records, you can search effortlessly for the exact ones you need, either by name, creation date, category etc.

  • Find exactly what you want, when you want it
  • Quick view of all historic assessment scores
  • Forms and assessments can be printed as required
  • Sign digitally, or sign a prined document that can be scanned
    back in the correct place with QR Code technology
  • Consolidate assessments into periodic reports
  • Saved securely on the cloud, access from anywhere



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