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Data analytics Your data is more powerful than you realise

Discover a sixth sense

Do you know exactly
what’s going on in your organization?

Don't be blinded by paper's inadequacies

Getting a clear view of what is going on in your home is so time consuming and difficult that you often avoid performing this crucial analysis. But it is absolutely necessary, e.g. when required for inspection.

When you finally force yourself to tackle this burden, you get frustrated. Because there are records missing or illegible, the data is limited and not very helpful and it is difficult to present them in an appealing and useful way. You have wasted a lot of time trying to find what you need and sometimes the results works against you not for you - creating confusion or proving unreliable.


Remove the paperweight of your success

Sharing this data is difficult, often your staff don’t find it useful or insightful, and it often works against you when inspectors ask to examine it. You would like to be able to formulate strategies to improve the level of care that you deliver, but you are not able to do so.



illegible data

Eudoracare Data Analytics

Always in control, always empowered

You need to be aware at all times that your organization is fully compliant, and that all your staff are working in a way that keep the organization compliant.

Good decision making requires good data that is easily accessible, well presented, and easily manipulated so that it provides a wide range of useful information.

It is hard to extract useful data yourself from pages and pages of files, make it presentable and draw conclusions from it. Writing is often illegible and the sources of the data are rigid and content-poor.


Embrace the future

Business Intelligence is the solution to taking
your organization’s service quality to the next level

Complete Transparency

Ability to view all aspects of your organization and identify where the strong and weak points lie. Complete transparency ensures that all units/areas of your organization work in tandem to achieve the best results.

Operational Efficiency

Using data that you already produce, but don’t know it, to delegate resources efficiently and create a completely streamlined operation. This in turn, frees up more time for other activities such as spending more time with the service user.

Eudoracare Statistics Analytics

Maximise Profits

Easily identify areas that are hurting your bottom line and discover opportunities for increased profitability. Allocate the optimum number of staff across your organization for maximum efficiency.

Real time Data

Sometimes you can’t identify problems until they occur. With the use of Interactive Real Time Dashboards, you can track progress of goals/KPIs and take proactive actions to ensure their success/completion.

Main Features Easy to use and effective

  • Full Compliance

    Intuitive dashboards that give you an immediate sense of who is up-to-date with all the latest policies and procedures. View self-assessment reports and support staff.

  • Incident Report and Management

    Observe trends that identify problem locations, vulnerable residents, and incompetent staff. Reduce the number of preventable incidents!

  • Track Revenue and Costs

    Analytical tools are at your disposal in order to forecast future costs and revenues. Forecast staff resource requirements, and service user occupancy rates. Calculate cost per unit or role, and allocate your staff more efficiently.

  • Improve Standards of Care

    Use Business Intelligence to optimize the care given to your service users. Track key metrics such as weight fluctuations, identify when your residents are happiest, and discover disorders that may otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Real-time analytics

    Get a live graphical representation of all the activities across your organization. Improve response times to situations and deal with them before the problem grows.

  • Nutritional Intake Tracking

    Set nutritional and caloric goals for residents and track their progress. Ensure all your service users have a healthy BMI and that their eating habits support a healthy lifestyle.

Use cases We want to improve the way you work

Live dashboards

Relevant and well presented data is invaluable to decision makers

Having an electronic healthcare system rewards you for all the hard work that you put in to recording your data.

  • Keep informed wherever you are
  • At a glance insights
  • Establish trends and monitor them over time
  • Easily set Key Performance Indicators  & Goals and track their progress.

Generate “Smart” reports

Summarize your data and display trends across areas of your organization

Never waste time sifting through stacks of paper to aggregate the information you need.  

  • Reports at the touch of a button,
  • Well presented, concise information,
  • “Smart” reports that draw their own insights from your data,
  • Faster action. Visualizing data allows us to digest data quicker.

Full compliance

No longer stress.
Easily monitor your compliance status

  • Ensure full compliance at all times,
  • See who has kept up-to-date with all the latest updates to policies and procedures,
  • Interactive self-assessments,
  • Discover which staff need additional training.



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